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TC1 - Machine Learning Algorithms

The course notes can be download here: [download]WARNING: these are last year’s notes, I changed notation and content of the course, so there are some differences. However, I think these notes will help you a lot.

References for the course:


Last year exam: [download]

Lab exercise instruction

There should be 1, 2 or 3 students per group.

You must submit one notebook/report per group by email at the following adress: with title “TC1 - Lab exercise - lastname1 lastname2” For each submission, all members of the group must clearly indicated at the top of both files


Lab exercises comprise two parts:

So the question is: what do you need to write in the report? There are no specific instruction! You must think about the report as an essay: the objective of the report is that you convince us that you understand the theoretical foundation of the model and how to implement it in practice. Use your own word and notations, try to process the course and the lab exercise and explain them to us. Do not write handwavy explanation. You should probably use Latex for this.


Length: 2-4 pages if double columns, a little bit longer otherwise, but these are not hard limits - you can do less, you can do a little more. Just don’t write too much, go to the essential. Formal notations with minimum writing to be understandable. Just convince me that you know what you are talking about. :)

Scoring: as long as you do the work seriously, that you commented the code you wrote and you submit a nice report, we will give you a good grade. Do not worry if you did not succeed to do everything or if you didn’t understand something. Explain in the report what you did not succeed so we can see you did some effort.

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